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Penn State scrambles to offset potential data breach

A computer at Pennsylvania State University's Outreach Market Research and Data office may have exposed the social security numbers of nearly 16,000 people. A PSU IT worker discovered a botnet on a computer in the office, which also contained a file listing personal information for former and current students and staff.

FBI busts leaders of fake antivirus software ring

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently announced the indictment of three men in connection with a fake antivirus software scam that netted the accused more than $100 million. Authorities charged the three men, two of which were U.S. citizens, with multiple counts of wire fraud and a single count of computer fraud and conspiracy to commit computer fraud.

World Cup becomes major threat to internet security

The Better Business Bureau and several other consumer advocate and internet security organizations have released warnings to their users and the general public about web-based scams related to the World Cup, which begins in South Africa on June 11.