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Canadian cyber expert said biggest threat to users is themselves

With the Canadian government launching Get Cyber Safe earlier this month, CBC News' website conducted an interview with Toronto-based cyber security expert Dave Lewis, who runes Liquid Matrix, a blog about safety matters. Lewis said the biggest internet security threat to users may be themselves.

Two CEOs hacked for personal information

According to reports by CNET, CEOs for Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase were hacked this week. CEOs or anyone worried about security should increase their internet security measures as soon as possible.

Fake iPhone 5 email can infect computer

Email users who see an email that is announcing the release of the iPhone 5GS should ignore it, according to multiple sources, as it is fake and believed to contain a virus. Users should make sure antivirus software is updated before paging through email accounts.

Researcher figures out new way to anticipate viruses

A researcher at the University of Texas at Dallas has discovered a new way to anticipate the actions of computer viruses, according to Signal Online. The new way could herald a new generation of antivirus software and strategies that combat malware that attacks computers, servers and networks.

Antivirus software a good way to strengthen computer defense

According to a Tech question and answer column by the New York Times, a good antivirus program is a good way to help strengthen a computer's defense against problems that await computers on the internet.

Miley Cyrus sex tape link contains virus, reports say

A Miley Cyrus sex tape rumor hit Twitter, but news sources are saying the link contains malicious malware. Antivirus programs should be fully updated and activated to keep viruses such as this one away.

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