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Email appearing to be from financial protection bureau a virus

Internet users have long been warned about installing antivirus software to help avoid viruses that don't appear to be viruses, and many in Allentown, Pennsylvania, may have received a first hand look at this, as an email appearing to be from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau contained a virus, according to the Morning Call.

Android market has a lot of bogus security software

People looking for mobile antivirus software may want to do some research before they make a purchase or start using a free service, as a report by AV-Test, a German antivirus test lab, shows that only a few actually live up to protecting a phone from viruses, malware and other maladies of the internet.

Malware trying to trick anti-Putin protesters

Those who don't like Vladimir Putin, who was re-elected as the president of Russia last week, may run into some trouble online, especially if their internet security doesn't have its guard up. One security company said there is a spam campaign right now that is designed to put malware on the computer of anti-Putin protesters.

Many people have fear of losing mobile contacts

While old fashioned fears such as public speaking and death still exist, an up and coming fear is losing mobile contacts, according to a survey by SecurEnvoy. The company said a recent survey of 1,000 people shows that 66 percent of people were afflicted with "nomophobia," or "no mobile-phone phobia." People fearing this should look into mobile antivirus software in an effort to keep their information as safe as possible.

More than 200,000 websites infected by rogue virus

A widespread fake antivirus campaign has hit more than 200,000 websites and about 30,000 unique web hosts, according to a security company. The virus attack has infected thousands of users who have WordPress Installed on their computers.

Hactivists, big data will continue to threaten security in 2012

Attendees of the RSA Conference in San Francisco earlier this month discussed what types of security threats would still reign in 2012, and the top concern, according to Notebook Review, is idealistic young "hactivists" who will continue to attack internet security across the world to get their point across.

Know what kind of malware to protect against

Although antivirus software will protect against many viruses, bugs and other pieces of malware, Neil Rubenking writes on PCMag that companies and individuals should know about the other types of viruses that could creep up. Users should invest in internet security to make sure they are well defended against these viruses.

School shown inappropriate images from virus

Showing the importance of antivirus software for schools, the Diocese of Charleston in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, reportedly received malware that showed inappropriate images to children in a sixth grade class. Schools should be sure to secure their servers and computers to make sure this doesn't happen.

Thousands could lose internet connection due to virus ring

In an effort to improve internet security and stop the DNSChanger virus, the FBI may be soon shutting down certain servers the virus is on. Computerworld reports that a federal judge ruled that the operation has been extended, so users with the DNS Changer malware will stay connected until they can scrub their machines of the virus.

Most companies fault employees for internet security breaches

The human factor may be the biggest risk to internet security, according to a study by the Ponemon Institute. The study, The Human Factor in Data Protection, said 78 percent of companies surveyed blame employee behavior, accidental and intentional for at least one data breach over the last two years.

NASA computers hacked, report says

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is one of the last places people would think could experience an internet security breach, but hackers with IP addresses in China allegedly took control of this lab in November 2011, according to the inspector general of NASA.

Steps should be taken to prevent online fraud

In an effort to help customers, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has released a number of tips to help people fight against fraud on social media websites, unsecured public networks and more. Internet security is extremely important to keep in mind for both individuals and companies.

Companies need antivirus software and more

A story on wonders if antivirus software is an antiquated need for businesses, but quickly answers that question by saying that yes, they do need antivirus software and much more to stay safe.

More viruses could be coming for Google Android devices

The need for mobile antivirus software is becoming more and more apparent every day. If people haven't been hit themselves yet, Forbes reports that both Android and mobile malware has been on the rise since early 2011.

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