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Mac attacks have long been predicted

In 2008, Adam O’Donnell used game theory to determine that once Apple ownership reached a certain percentage of market share, cyber criminals would begin targeting Mac OS users more frequently.

Sunspot malware possess financial fraud capabilities

Sunspot, a Windows malware platform that has been circulating for some time, now has the capabilities of committing financial fraud, according to a recent report by an internet security company.

Cyber criminals identified as two classes

Microsoft recently brought to light the growing malware threats taking place on social networking websites.

Computer game company is hackers’ latest target

Computer game company Eidos Interactive recently was attacked by a group of computer hackers, who obtained more than 25,000 email addresses and possibly 350 resumes.

Facebook applications leaked personal information, report says

The world’s largest social networking website, Facebook, has been leaking personal details of its users for years, according to a recent report by an internet security company.

Adobe hit with phishing scam

For Adobe users, there are currently several phishing scams circulating the internet, according to a recent report by PCWorld.

Spam decreases only for a short time after Rustock shuts down

Although the fight against cyber criminals appeared to be going in the right direction as the Rustock botnet was neutralized, the amount of spam has not decreased to the levels many expected, according to a recent report by an internet security company.

Couple sues company for spying through webcam

For computer owners that own webcams, there may be people watching every move they make on the other side of the connection.

Canada experiencing increased cyber crime activity

It appears cyber criminals are targeting Canada as a country for their attacks, according to a recent report by WebSense.

Cyber criminals target Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is considered to be the most popular card-giving holiday, but, as expected, cyber criminals targeted consumers with scams related to the day, according to an internet security company.

Researchers discover typos leading to malware

Typos are common among everyone, regardless of how technologically experienced a user may be.

Android malware grew 400 percent in 2011, study says

Google’s Android mobile operating system is shaping up to be the mobile equivalent of Microsoft’s Windows for cyber crime, with a dramatic increase in malware designed for the platform.

Google Chrome web browsers hacked by security firm

While Google’s Chrome browser has yet to receive a full onslaught of attacks by cyber criminals, a French internet security firm recently discovered the first-known exploit of the browser.

Phishing becoming a problem for companies

The use of phishing emails to breach organizations is becoming more prevalent for cyber criminals, according to a recent report by Computerworld.

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