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UK Prime Minister said internet security attacks are of national interest

At the London Cyber Conference, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron said that there are "highly-sophisticated" techniques employed trying to crack internet security of large government bodies and businesses, according to Fox News. He said these attacks are of national interest and "unacceptable."

Nearly two dozen Japanese government computers infected with viruses

More than 20 computers belonging to members of the Japanese government are now infected with viruses, according to Japanese news sources.

Seven people charged in internet ad scam

Computers across the world have been affected by the hijacking of advertisements on websites, which snuck harmful malware on people's computers without them knowing it. Users should have updated antivirus software on their computer to help avoid harmful viruses.

US to increase internet security budget for research

According to a report by Reuters, the Pentagon's advanced research arm will boost its internet security research in an effort to "build offensive cyber arms for possible keyboard-launched attacks against enemy targets."

Mobile security software may be needed with new smartphone malware

According to a new internet safety campaign called Get Safe Online, mobile security software may be need by many as mobile malware has increased 800 percent in the past four months

Ads with viruses hurt industry, security intelligence firm says

RiskIQ, a security intelligence firm, said at the recent Online Trust Alliance conference that the online advertising industry could be hurt by malicious software spreading through commercial advertisements, according to USA Today.

Facebook increases security to lock hacked accounts

In an effort to help protect users' internet security while on social networking giant Facebook, the website said it "roadblocks" 250,000 to 600,000 accounts on any given day to protect the website, according to PCWorld.

Internet privacy tools said to be confusing for many users

A report from Carnegie Mellon University said internet security and privacy tools are confusing and ineffective for many users, with commonly available "opt-out" tools in web browsers the most difficult things for people who go online.

Police detain hacker allegedly responsible for 12 million infected computers

According to The Associated Press, Slovenian authorities have detained a man who allegedly is responsible for a virus that has infected 12 million computers across the world.

Indian authorities shut down computer holding Duqu virus

In an effort to make internet security safer everywhere, Indian authorities have seized computer equipment from a data center in Mumbai thought to be a cog in sending out malicious Duqu software that is thought to be a large security threat, according to news sources.

Users should scan emails, download files legally to keep computer virus-free

Julie Myers, chief information security officer at the University of Rochester, said that while no step is foolproof, using antivirus software and common sense internet security tips can go a long way in keeping a computer safe.

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