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NSA Uses Cookies to Spot Hacking Targets

The US National Security Agency analyses cookies and location data to identify potential hacking targets, according to The Washington Post.

Hacker Gets Five Years for 'Sextortion'

Karen “Gary” Kazaryan was sentenced Monday to five years in prison for hacking into hundreds of Skype, Facebook and email accounts, stealing nude photos and coercing women to strip for him under threat of publicly releasing the pictures, according to the L.A. Daily News.

Microsoft Revokes SSL Certificate after Mistaken Issuance

A French government agency issued an unauthorized digital secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate for several Google domains, raising concerns of spoofing, spying and other illegal activity.

Hackers Target US Judge Over Adult Toys

TeamBerserk hackers claim to have breached the personal computer of Texas Judge Souli A. Shanklin to prove that he bought adult toys with his credit card, according to Softpedia News.

Thirteen Plead Guilty to PayPal 2010 Attack

Thirteen alleged members of hacktivist group Anonymous have pleaded guilty to a 2010 DDoS attack on online payment processor PayPal, according to the US Department of Justice.

Blackhole Exploit Kit Creators Arrested in Russia

The developers of the infamous Blackhole exploit kit have been arrested in connection with an estimated $2.15 milliontheft, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced.

Alleged Bitcoin Miners Arrested in Germany

Two men have been arrested in relation to bitcoin mining worth 700,000 euros and another is being brought under charges. They are accused of commercial fraud, according to Coindesk and The Federal Criminal Police of Germany.

J.P Morgan Loses Credentials of 465,000

J.P. Morgan Chase & warning 465,000 cardholders that their financial and personal data may have been affected in an attack that took place in July. The attack was discovered by bank security in September according to Reuters.

Financial Data Stolen from B&G Foods North America

B&G Foods North America has started to warn customers by e-mail this week that a Nov. 16 attack may have compromised their financial data, according to Softpedia.

Two million Facebook, Twitter and Gmail Passwords Stolen

More than 2 million credentials were compromised in a global phishing campaign that affected users from 92 countries, according to security company Trustwave.

Anonymous Honduras Attacks Government Sites

Some high-profiles sites have been breached by Anonymous Honduras to protest the presidential elections of November 2013, according to Softpedia.

Almost 700 Online Counterfeit Sites Shut in International Operation

Almost 700 domains selling counterfeit merchandise were seized in a joint operation by 10 law enforcement agencies from eight countries, led by Europol and the US Homeland Security Investigations.

Washington Medicine Breach Reveals 90,000 Personal Records

Some 90,000 patients of the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, had their personal information stolen after a single employee opened a malicious link from an email attachment, according to E Hacking News.

Vodafone Iceland Hack Exposes 70,000 Customers

Vodafone Iceland was hacked and the details of 70,000 customers leaked, according to Softpedia.

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