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BitTorrent Tracker Demonoid Raided and Shut Down

Demonoid, one of the largest torrent trackers, was raided by Ukraine authorities in an effort to shut down the data center hosting the website. This event is part of the operation in which several European Internet Service Providers were asked to block access to torrent trackers.

Privacy Commission Calls for Destruction of Google’s Street View Data

Wi-Fi data siphoned by Google’s Street View car is ordered to be destroyed at the request of the Australian Privacy Commission. An official letter to Iarla Flynn, Google’s Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs, demands that all Australian data collected during the Street View project should be erased immediately.

Criminals Lure Companies with Counterfeit Notification E-mails from Payroll Service Firms

Several payroll service providers, including US-based ADP, are used in phishing campaigns to redirect users towards malware-laden websites to steal their credentials and compromise their systems with malware.

Baidu Employees Arrested for Post Deleting Scam

Three employees of Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine, have been arrested after allegedly cashing bribes for deleting online posts, according to media reports. Another employee was only attempting paid censorship, and doesn’t face prison.

More FTC Privacy Guidelines for Children Online

The Federal Trade Commission took it upon itself to devise and recommend privacy regulations to create a safer online environment for children under 13 while surfing the Internet from their mobile devices.

Enforcing Cyber Security with Handgun Giveaway

Following a cyber-attack on The Daily Caller’s website that enabled pop-up porn ads, the right-wing publication set up a two-week giveaway offering a semi-automatic handgun to the person who identifies the hacker.

Anon in Arms against E-Flicker over Headless Man Logo; Pedophiles, Olympics also in Crosshairs

French company Early Flicker, or E-Flicker, sparked a war with Anonymous members by acquiring the legal rights over the Anonymous logo and slogan for commercial purposes, as reported by The Register’s Iain Thomson.

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