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Chinese E-Shoppers under Heavy Trojan and Phishing Fire; Hackers Expected

As China prepares to take over the role of e-commerce super power, its cyber-challenges are skyrocketing. A 30 percent increase in phishing sites – with a staggering 3 million fake banking and shopping websites now active - and 740 million users under Trojan attack are among the disturbing findings of a Beijing Rising Information (BRI) technology report quoted by China Daily.

Shady Mobile Banking App Plays Man-in-the-Mobile

Mobile banking users from Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Germany have been hit by a wave of Man-in-the-Mobile attacks that seek to move funds from one account to another.

Android Smartphones in Illegal Botnet, Researchers Say

Android Smartphones have been dragged into an illegal botnet that sends out masses of unwanted emails, according to Microsoft researcher Terry Zink. He believes he has found evidence of “the typical pump and dump variety” of spam sent from Yahoo mail servers by Android devices.

New Hacking Twist in Arab-Israeli Conflict; Leaked Data Exposes Israeli Cosmeticians, Hairdressers

Hundreds of stolen e-mail addresses and passwords were published on the Anonymous Arab website following a successful hacking attack targeting a yet-unidentified Israeli web site, according to

Most Twitter Information Requests Come from U.S., but no Takedown

The U.S. government asked Twitter to disclose information on far more users than the government of any other country, according to the first Twitter Transparency Report. The American requests included no official takedown inquiry, while the UK, France, or Greece had several such demands.

Zeus Botmasters Jailed Following Complaint from Microsoft

Two more members of the Zeus malware operation have been identified and held in custody following a complaint by Microsoft. Yevhen Kulibaba and Yuriy Konovalenko have been added as defendants in one of the largest malware operation to date, according to the company.

Apple to Fork Over $60m to Settle Dispute Over iPad Name

Apple will pay $60 million to a Chinese company to settle the dispute over the “iPad” name, a court in Guangdong, China has ruled.

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