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Companies need multiple layers of security

When it comes to protecting a company's computer technology, multiple layers are needed, according to Paul Mah of CIO US. One way that a company can protect itself is with antivirus software that scans for malware as well.

Data security company looks into attempted Vatican hacking

In 2011, Anonymous allegedly tried and failed to attack the internet servers of the Vatican. While it was a failed hacking, the internet security breach attempt was broken down and it was found that multiple individuals were involved in different phases of the attempted hack.

People need to watch out for 'digital tattoos' online

With the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, a new set of guidelines for internet security, the Obama administration is looking to give people more control over the way personal information is gathered online. If adopted, the guidelines would also enable individuals to access and change data that is gathered about them.

Tips for buying online security software

Buying antivirus software may seem like a simple task, but consumers should take the time to look into the best features and what products are best reviewed. Matt Egan of PC Advisor said that every connected PC should have at least one program running with a firewall and it is crucial to keep them updated.

Nearly 16,000 Iranian computers infected by Stuxnet

Iranian officials are saying the powerful Stuxnet virus has infected 16,000 computers in the country, which may prompt residents to consider investing in better antivirus software to defend against security threat.

Pornography site has logins stolen from users

Users of popular internet pornography websites may need to make some password and information changes after an internet security breach saw a million logins stolen from the YouPorn website. A hacker had apparently chanced upon a URL linking to a list left exposed for several years, according to Techworld.

Children targeted online; parents stay alert

When young children are using their parents computers, antivirus software and internet security are both absolutely necessary. Charlie Osborne writes on the iGeneration blog on ZDNet that children are heavily targeted online due to their lack of experience and knowledge about these online viruses.

Anonymous may have power to shut down power grids

The hacking collective Anonymous has gotten familiar with many government agencies and businesses over the past couple of years, but according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the group could have the ability to knock out power grids in the United States in the upcoming years.

Strong antivirus software helps sort out the junk

Quality anitvirus programs can help companies and consumers keep their computers free of viruses and malware when online. However, with the influx of smartphones being used to access the web, the need for mobile antivirus solutions is becoming more important.

Data breach at college exposes Social Security numbers

Central Connecticut State University may need to revamp its internet security procedures after a breach infected its computer system, potentially exposing more than 18,000 former and current employees' Social Security numbers. James Estrada, CIO of the university, said student workers are affected as well.

Preventing drive-by virus attacks

Business computer users recently experienced an increase in web-based malware attacks, according to research from Cisco. The company said there was a 103 percent increase in the first quarter of 2011 compared to 2010, with a major factor being drive-by downloads used to install viruses on unsuspecting victims. Antivirus software should be used to help prevent these malware assaults.

Cars may need antivirus software

With technology innovations connecting more devices than ever to the internet, there is an increased need for better internet security. One example is in vehicles, as InvestorPlace said with things like GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, vehicles may be an area where better antivirus software is needed.

Security cameras used to spy on homeowners

Hackers have been able to find an internet security coding flaw in TRENDnet security cameras allowing them to bypass passwords and look into people's homes. The company and its users should be sure to take necessary precautions to make sure this flaw is fixed as soon as possible.

Virus attacks local restaurants, credit card system

Police in Tampa Bay, Florida, are investigating a string of identity theft incidents at local restaurants, according to The Tampa Tribune. Numerous restaurants have reported customers' credit and debit cards have been stolen after being used at local restaurants. This may be the fault of a virus, showing that even small businesses like restaurants need antivirus software.

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