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More than 1,600 Tea Lovers Exposed in Hack on Twinings

Twinings confirmed that a hacker known as @D0ct0r_Inj3ct0r claimed responsibility for an attack on the tea company that pulled the names, emails and address of more than 1,600 people from the corporate website, a hacker known as @D0ct0r_Inj3ct0r claimed responsibility.

Skype Hands Over Personal Information of Alleged PayPal Hacker

Skype gave the personal information of a 16 year-old Anonymous hacker who allegedly broke PayPal servers, reports Dutch publication The chat tool division of Microsoft handed over the data to Dutch security company iSIGHT Partners, which was hired by PayPal to investigate the breach.

Android Rooting Does Not Void Warranty in EU, But Opens New Ways for Malware

The legality of rooting and jail-breaking has been one of the most debated topics in the smartphone industry. With iOS, the US Congress has made it extremely clear that smartphones can be legally jail-broken, the legality of a similar operation on Android is still challenged by vendors when dealing with warranty issues.

Android Vulnerability Opens Door to SMS Phishing Scams

Researchers with North Carolina State University unveiled a flaw in some popular Android platforms - including Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean - that can be used to send bogus text messages from the vulnerable devices as part of smishing (SMS-Phishing) scams.

Criminals Lock Users’ PCs, Demand Ransom in Name of Anonymous

Ransomware that encrypts users’ data has been around for quite a while under various pretexts: illegal downloads via torrent, the alleged presence of pornography on the user’s computer and so on. A new breed of ransomware however, is using the image of the “Anonymous Hackers Group” to force people to shed money in exchange for getting their data back.

Russian Law to Block `Harmful’ Websites, Raising Concerns for Freedom of Speech

The Russian government passed a law enabling authorities to blacklist and force web sites offline in a move it says is meant to protect children from unsuitable content but that has drawn accusations of censorship.

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