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Save Your Computer from Catching a Virus

With the Internet's constantly increasing popularity, we may tend to forget the risks associated with using it. The majority of computer viruses spread through the Internet.

Documentary reveals Falun Gong attack

A recently released Chinese military propaganda video includes brief footage of a Chinese computer being used to attack a Falun Gong website via an American internet address.

Simple hack could endanger credit card holders

Lax security measures at Bank of America and Chase potentially put those banks' credit card holders at risk for identity theft.

Californians' medical files exposed on the web

The medical records of nearly 300,000 Californians were recently posted online without any internet security protections, leaving them vulnerable to hackers and other fraudsters, according to The Associated Press.

Hackers steal $217,000 from Nebraska company

Hackers recently used a social engineering technique to steal $217,000 from the Nebraska-based Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority.

AntiSec goes after defense contractor

AntiSec, a hacker group committed to attacking high-profile corporate and government websites, says it infiltrated the email account of an executive at Vanguard Industries, a U.S. government defense contractor.

Second BART hack targets police officers

The website of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit police officers' alliance was recently hacked, and the home addresses and other personal information of 102 BART officers were posted online.

British man allegedly hacked Facebook

Glenn Mangham, a 25-year-old British citizen from York, was recently charged with violating the U.K.'s Computer Misuse Act of 1990 by hacking the social media website Facebook last April and May.

Purdue hack compromises Social Security numbers

Purdue University recently sent letters to 7,093 former students, alerting them that their Social Security numbers may have been accessed during a computer security breach last April.

Man pleads guilty in Shionogi hack case

Jason Cornish, a 37-year-old Georgia man, recently pleaded guilty to charges he hacked and disabled the computer system of his former employer, the U.S. subsidiary of Japanese pharmaceutical company Shionogi, maker of cholesterol medication Crestor.

New internet protocol poses computer security challenges

During the next two years, the transition from internet protocol version four to version six will make more than 4 billion new web addresses available.

Website appeals to competitive hackers

A recently-launched website,, provides a forum, and a battleground, for hackers who seek recognition for their ability to thwart internet security systems.

Anonymous targets Facebook, or maybe not

A recent YouTube video, purportedly posted by hacker group Anonymous, announced the collective will attack social network Facebook on November 5.

Anonymous hacks BART

Hacker group Anonymous has struck again.

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