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Businesses struggle to maintain computer security

A newly released Ponemon Institute/Juniper Systems survey reveals that business owners in the U.S. and Europe are under siege when it comes to computer security, and system breaches are costing big money.

Popular Michigan pub hacked

Hackers stole dozens of customer credit and debit card numbers after hacking into the computer system of Conor O'Neill's Irish Pub in Ann Arbor, Michigan, local news sources report.

British teen arrested in connection with LulzSec attacks

British teenager Ryan Cleary was arrested today at his home in Essex.

Hackers set sites on Macs and mobile devices

A newly released AVG threat report says cyber criminals are increasingly targeting Mac computers and mobile devices.

Think You Might Need Anti Malware Software?

Entities—large and small—are aware of potential attacks on computers. Recently, Apple has issued statements regarding upcoming software updates. Why? A recent surge in malware attacks.

Top Antivirus Protection Works Even When You’re Fooled

There is no doubt about it; computers changed the way we live. These days, it’s much more convenient to communicate, shop, and maintain and exchange information. Unfortunately, downsides exist; malicious activity, online fraud, spying, and online identity theft are realities. Hackers and spammers create problems ranging from mildly annoying spamming to full-blown violations of the law. Luckily, there is, a provider of top antivirus protection. We guard your computer from malicious attacks, so you can maintain peace of mind.

Millions affected by Sega hack

In the latest demonstration that gaming networks are prime targets for internet security breaches, Sega acknowledged today that its Sega Pass network was hacked, exposing information of nearly 1.3 million customers. either suffers hack or fools media

The dating website was infected with a "Shrek virus" that compromised the site's application process for six weeks, according to a press release issued today by the website.

LulzSec goes after CIA website, FBI switchboard

Hacker collective LulzSec has claimed it rendered the website of the CIA inaccessible for parts of the evening on June 15.

Computers hacked by phone call

For scammers, the telephone has become a conduit into victims' computers.

Possible theft draws more attention to online currency Bitcoins

About $500,000 worth of Bitcoins, an online currency, might have been stolen from a user's wallet file on June 13.

Overused iPhone passcodes pose security issue

App developer Daniel Amitay has used anonymous information collected through his Big Brother Camera security app to postulate the 10 most popular iPhone passcodes.

LulzSec strikes again, and U.S. Senate feels the pain

Prolific hacker group LulzSec has claimed another cyber scalp: the U.S. Senate.

Anonymous threatens Bernanke

In a YouTube video posted on June 12, hacker group Anonymous announced the launch of Operation Empire State Rebellion on June 14, with the objective to force the resignation of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

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