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Smartphone users: Beware of malicious software

According to a network security company, the amount of malicious software in 2010 rose 46 percent, and smartphones will be targeted more in 2011.

Social networking viruses branching out

According to an internet security company, social networking virus attacks are spreading like wildfire.

SpyZeuS ready to wreak havoc

Two of the most dangerous pieces of spyware out there are teaming up.

Microsoft warns of pirated software

To help fund their operations, criminal syndicates and drug cartels are supplying malware-infected pirated software, Microsoft recently warned.

Super Sunday will be targeted by cyber criminals

With the Super Bowl approaching, security experts are warning that online threats and cyber criminals will be out in force for the big game.

Smartphones present computer virus dangers

With the popularity of smartphones increasing, computer viruses may also see a spike, according to security experts

Department of Homeland Security invests in cyber security

Cyber security will be a priority for the Department of Homeland Security this year, representing a major part of the department's funding for fiscal 2011.

Microsoft warns Windows users of major security flaw

Microsoft recently issued a data security warning to all Windows users alerting them to a critical flaw.

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