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Hackers allegedly destroy US water pump

Internet security may need to be increased after hackers allegedly destroyed a water pump used to distribute water to thousands of people in a small Illinois city. The pump is said to have been broken by hackers getting into the utility network and turning it on and off very quickly. So far, the U.S. Department for Homeland Security and the FBI are looking into the incident.

Android owners using free antivirus software should upgrade

For users of the Android mobile platform, using free antivirus software may not cut it, according to a study by AV-Test, a German security institute. The company looked at seven different apps and found that most of them were useless when it came to helping phones detect and get rid of malware.

AT&T alerts users of hacking attempt

The largest U.S. phone company is not immune to hacking attempts. AT&T alerted customers that there was an internet security breach in which hackers tried to collect account information.

CEOs need to plan for cyber attacks

With the amount of records and private information held online by companies coupled with the vitriol many have toward big business right now, Centurion Intelligence Partners said CEOs need to have internet and physical security heightened.

Without internet security, small businesses are big targets

With the number of breaches of Candian businesses jumping up 50 percent, according to a study by Telus Corporation and the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, smaller companies need to keep internet security in mind, as without it they become big targets.

Many ways to reduce chance of getting malware

With the fight against viruses and malware ever present on the internet, one website gave advice on how to avoid malware and keep computers running clean and quickly. Dynamic Business said the best way to avoid malware is learning about how it is caused and how to avoid it.

Norway energy and defense industries hit by hackers

The oil and defense industries in Norway were hit by hackers looking to take data, according to reports. Internet security may have to be improved after what is being called one of the most extensive data espionage cases in Norway's history.

Too much information on social networking websites helps hackers

While an antivirus program is important to protect from viruses and malware, it is important for those who browse the internet and social media websites to use discretion. Ira Winkler, president and CEo of Internet Security Advisors Group, said all it takes is one person to compromise an organization on the internet, according to CRN.

Duqu could pose threat to key energy installations

With the creation of the Duqu computer virus, which Middle Eastern news source The National said is created for espionage, many are fearful of attacks on important energy and utility installations in the area. Internet security should be ramped up in areas that are concerned about the Duqu virus.

Iran: Duqu virus has been aimed at its nuclear sites

After it was reported that Duqu, a virus that is closely based on the Stuxnet virus, had been created, many feared for their internet security. Fears may have been justified, as Iran announced this week that the country is in the midst of fighting againt the Duqu virus' attack on a nuclear project.

Men more likely to fall for 'sexy stranger' Facebook scams

Men have been shown to be more gullible when it comes to falling for internet security threats on social media websites from "sexy strangers," according to a survey by an antivirus software company.

Cybercrime arrest could be a crime deterrent

Upon the arrest of a ring of internet cybercriminals who reportedly scammed more than $14 million from victims, one attorney said it could help stop internet security threats and cybercrime.

Computer virus hits New Zealand ambulances

Ambulance centers in New Zealand may be need better antivirus software after being hit with viruses last week, according to news reports. The virus infection affected paging and radio systems for ambulance companies.

Japanese man arrested for PC virus attack

In what is being called a "revenge" virus attack by the Daily Yomiuri Online, a man was arrested on suspicious of sending a computer virus to a server that hosted a website he was restricted from using. For attacks such as this, it is important for PC users and companies alike to have a good antivirus program.

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