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US Navy Computers Breached by Iranian Hackers

Iranian hackers infiltrated several US Navy computers, according to American officials, who attributed the attacks to the government or a group supported by the Tehran regime. The allegations appeared as the Obama administration ramped up talks with Iran over its nuclear program.

New iPhone Fingerprint Sensor Hacked with Old Technique

German hackers claim to have breached the new iPhone’s Fingerprint scanner lock with an old but efficient technique. The Chaos Computer Club took a photo of someone's fingerprint left on a glass surface, and then used it to create a fake fingerprint that unlocked the new iPhone 5S secured with TouchID.

Belgium Investigates Cyber-Espionage; Fingers Pointed at the US

Belgium is investigating the alleged cyber-espionage attack targeting its main telecommunications company, according to Reuters. As the top stakeholder of Belgacom, the government condemned the intrusion and the violation of a public company.

Nearly One in Three People Open Dangerous E-mails despite Warnings

Some 30 percent of people confessed they wouldn’t refrain from opening e-mails even if they seemed suspicious, a TNS Global for Halon study finds, as reported by the PCWorld.

Facebook Paid 12,500$ Bounty on Bug that Deleted User Photos

Facebook rewarded an Indian ethical hacker with a $12,500 bounty for a critical vulnerability that allowed anyone to delete photos without user interaction. 21-year-old Arul Kumar sent the social network a video proof-of-concept that exploited Mark Zuckerberg's profile and photos.