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Hackers to Publish How-to Guide for Taking over Prius, Ford Escape

Two hackers plan to publicly release a how-to guide for taking over Toyota Prius and Ford Escape with potentially deadly consequences, according to Reuters. Twitter security engineer Charlie Miller and director of security intelligence Chris Valasek believe other white hackers will soon discover more vulnerabilities in car software that should be fixed before cyber-criminals exploit them.

Feds Charge Five People for Stealing Millions of Credit Card Data

US authorities charged five people for operating one of the largest-ever hacking attacks against corporate networks with estimated losses of hundreds of millions of dollars and the theft of over 160 million bank card numbers.

Employees the Weakest Link of Cyber Security, Report Finds

Even though hacks and cyber criminality cost companies plenty of cash and sensitive data, the employee remains the weakest link in the business ecosystem, new Boardroom Cyber Watch Survey 2013 finds.

Musician Ronnie Radke’s Twitter Account Gets Hacked

The official Twitter account of American musician Ronnie Radke was allegedly breached, according to Softpedia. A message reading “hacked” was posted to his more than 557,000 followers.

Nintendo Fan Site Hacked; 24,000 Accounts Vulnerable

Almost 24,000 Nintendo accounts were hacked after cyber-criminals breached the company’s main fan site in Japan. The web site was hit by several illicit login attempts over the last month and hackers gained access to personal details such as real names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mails, according to a press release.

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