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Dutch Hacker Arrested for Spamhaus DDoS Attack

Spanish police arrested a Dutch hacker for allegedly breaching Spamhaus in the largest DDoS to date, according to the BBC. The 35-year-old man was handcuffed in Barcelona after a request from the Dutch public prosecutor.

China Shuts Down Two Websites for Pirated Content

China honored the World Intellectual Property Day by closing Silu HD and YYeTs, two Chinese web platforms known to distribute pirated movies and American TV shows, according to Techweb.

Cisco Enterprise Routers Flawed By Critical Bugs

Two critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in Cisco’s enterprise-level router gear running the Cisco NX-OS.

Patched Java Vulnerability Still Used by Attackers

A Java vulnerability patched by Oracle on April 16 is still being used by attackers in a campaign that spreads a new ransomware dubbed Reveton.

Syrian Hackers Hijack CBS Twitter Account

Syrian hackers hijacked the Twitter accounts of CBS programs “60 Minutes” and “48 Hours,” and posted fake messages about the US helping terrorists. The Syrian Electronic Army also infected the tweets with malicious links, according to All Things Digital.

Of-The-Shelf Routers Found Critically Vulnerable

Commercial routers were deemed vulnerable to authentication attacks that take complete control of router traffic.

Gambling Software Developer to Fix Poker Bugs

Gambling software developer B3W Group plans to fix poker game bugs recently discovered by security researchers, according to IDG News Service. The Malta-based company said it will start the update within the week.

WordPress under Heavy Attack

Attackers are aiming at blogs running poorly-secured WordPress configurations in an attempt to create a powerful botnet that, according to independent security researcher Brian Krebs, already counts some 90,000 IPs.

Spam - More Dangerous than Ever

Though diminished in volume, spam has become more dangerous than ever, according to independent IT security firm AV-TEST. For their study, Spam – More Dangerous than Ever Before, the German researchers collected and analyzed 550,000 spam messages over a year and a half.

Massive Spear Phishing Attack Detected in US Energy Sector

A spear phishing attack carried against 11 US energy companies has been detected and downplayed, according to the US Department of Homeland Security and the ICS-CERT.

Israel Loses $3 billion after Anonymous Cyber-Attack

More than $3 billion have been allegedly lost after Anonymous hacked several Israeli web sites, according to cNET. The attackers claim to have breached a dozen official web sites in protest against treatment of Palestinians.

Carberp Team Arrested in Russia After Three-Year Run

The 21-member team that created and distributed the Carberp banker malware has been arrested in Ukraine.

California Privacy Bill Aims to Tell Users What Companies Know About Them

A new privacy bill aims to empower US citizens to ask for and receive year-long data that’s been collected on them by various companies and corporations.

South Korea and the US to Form Cyber-Partnership

South Korea and the US will draft and sign a joint strategic plan designed to improve their odds against the ever-growing threat of cyber-warfare. Recent cyber-attacks against high-profile websites and banks in South Korea, along with rising tensions from North Korea, contribute to this tactical initiative.

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