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Two Bugs in Facebook Android Apps Allow Account Hijack

Two vulnerabilities in the mobile applications of Facebook and Facebook messenger allow hackers to grab Facebook access_tokens and hijack user accounts, according to Mahomed Ramadan, researcher with Attack Secure.

Users Spammed on Facebook and Twitter after Buffer Cyber-Attack

Tens of thousands of users worldwide were exposed to spam on their social media profiles after Buffer was hacked on Saturday. Attackers breached the application that helps users share posts on social media and abused users’ accounts by pushing spam messages on connected Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Most Kids Use Smartphones to Navigate on the Internet

Most children prefer smartphones to navigate on the Internet at least once a day, according to research funded by the Safer Internet Programme. The findings also suggest there is potential for reducing underage use of social networks even in countries where parents are less familiar with the internet.

Fast-Food POS Fraud Hits South African Banks

Cyber criminals infected point-of-sale terminals of fast food restaurants in South Africa and grabbed payment card data from customers, reported Bloomberg citing the Payments Association of South Africa.

Japan in Dire Need of Cyber Security Pros

Japan is looking to hire 80,000 information security professionals and further train the ones already employed to better protect key Japanese infrastructure, The Mainichi news agency reports.

Latvia Government Agency Hacked, 3,500 Accounts Leaked

A Latvia governmental agency was hacked by Anonymous, who leaked almost 3,500 credentials on the Internet, according to the Cyber War News. The State Employment Agency in Latvia was breached by a hacker who goes by the name of “th3W1n5t0n,” as part of a larger anti-governmental operation.

Adobe Loses Customer Records and Source Code. Acrobat and ColdFusion Apps at Risk

Adobe confirmed losing 2.9 million customer data and the source code of numerous Adobe products in a sophisticated” cyber attack on the company’s network.