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Security companies work together to take down botnet

While the internet security world is full of competition, a group of security experts and companies came together to help shut down the second version of the Kelihos botnet, apparently a much bigger version than the one that surfaced and was shut down in September 2011.

Businesses need to do a better job protecting customers

While many businesses do a great job with having internet security and antivirus software to help protect themselves and customers against dangerous viruses, botnets and malware, many don't do so well. The Online Trust Association released its annual "Top Ten Ways Businesses Can Protect Consumers from Being Fooled" list and said updating the web browser is the first level of defense against security breaches.

Former cybersecurity adviser for White House said US is losing cybersecurity war

As technology has advanced, so to have hackers and scammers across the internet. Richard Clarke, a former internet security and cyberterrorism adviser for the White House, testified to Congress that every major company in the U.S. has been virtually penetrated by China, according to Computerworld.

Small business big target for hackers

Howard Baldwin of PCWorld writes that for small businesses, there are few more horrifying thoughts than experiencing an internet security breach that would lead to a stolen bank account or credit card information. Baldwin spoke with Christopher Porter of the Verizon RISK Team, who said small businesses don't know how defenseless they have become.

Basic maintenance should be used for computers

While many people have a lot of high-tech gadgets, they may not take the time to do basic maintenance needed to keep their computers going. Amy Leap of the Pocono Record talks to Tom Kyttle of TK Computers, who gives some basic tips for keeping a computer running well, including loading up antivirus protection and making sure the computer has a good firewall in place.

Hackers use credit report website against users

While many people go to a credit report website to make sure they are finally well, MSNBC reports that hackers may have turned some of these websites into internet security pitfalls. The news source said many of these websites are being "brazenly used by hackers to steal victims' information."

Protecting smartphones from being scammed

While not many people believe there is a need for mobile antivirus software, they may be wrong, according to a story on PCWorld. David Jeffers writes that while people shouldn't be frightened of viruses taking over their phones, using common sense and safety should be used to keep a phone safe.

Hackers steal from military dating website database

A military dating website called was hacked into by scammers who took passwords, email addresses and other information from more than 170,000 records, according to a post by LulzSecReborn on Pastebin. Websites like this need to protect users with good internet security measures to make sure leaks such as this don't happen.

Use caution at Wi-Fi hotspots

For people who frequently use Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, the local coffee shop and other places, LifeGoesStrong said to be careful, as people may be able to monitor every move and keystroke. People should use internet security software to help stay safe when on public Wi-Fi networks.

Use caution when opening spam

Lincoln Spector, a contributing editor for PCWorld, was answering a question about whether it's safe to open up spam email. He said it can't always be 100 percent safe, but with the correct precautions, including having a great antivirus program, it should be safe.

Businesses need to keep track of security

Steve Cassidy, a network expert, writes on PCPro that while many businesses have antivirus software, many are not utilizing them properly and backing the company up with other security methods.

Website alerts people if their personal information is out there

Everyone who has access to the internet is in danger of experiencing a breach of their personal information, but one new website is looking to use a database to help users know if their information is out there and exposed. Knowing this in concert with use of internet security should help keep users much more safe than they would be online.

Spam filters may be getting worse

Email is one of the more common ways for people to get a virus. While antivirus software can be a good way to scan through messages, it may get more difficult soon, according to a report from Virus Bulletin. The company said spam filters have been catching less spam than usual as of late.

More than 100 Indian government websites hacked in three months

The hacking of government websites has become more and more common, but India's Economic Times is reporting that 112 government websites belonging to various agencies have been hacked in the three month period ending in February. These websites should look to increase internet security as much as possible to make sure they are staying as safe as possible.

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