16 Feb 2012

Cars may need antivirus software

With technology innovations connecting more devices than ever to the internet, there is an increased need for better internet security. One example is in vehicles, as InvestorPlace said with things like GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, vehicles may be an area where better antivirus software is needed.

The website said some cars use up to 70 separate electronic systems, running 200 million lines of code. These systems can all control brakes, emissions, airbags and more, meaning that if someone else got a hold of some one's car, there could be some big problems.

"Hacking cars still isn’t easy, but the potential risk is there," InvestorPlace said. "If automakers don’t lock systems down, cyber security companies ... may have a new market opportunity beyond tackling smartphones. A computer virus exploiting your smartphone camera is one thing, but the thought of a hacker remotely shutting down thousands of vehicles simultaneously, stranding drivers in the middle of rush hour, may be enough to generate consumer demand for protective software."

Adrian Lund, president of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in Arlington, Virginia, told Bloomberg that there's clearly an internet security vulnerability with all of the electronics currently used in cars. As car technology becomes even more intricate, the need for enhanced security solutions willy likely grow.