28 Feb 2012

Canadians still concerned about cyber fraud, poll said

According to the TD Canada Trust Fraud Prevention Month poll, 84 percent of Canadian residents are trying to take action against internet security breaches and other types of online fraud.

The survey said fewer Canadians are concerned about becoming a victim of cyber fraud, with 72 percent this year versus 79 percent last year. Even so, 77 percent are worried about malicious social media apps, 79 percent are worried about online fraud and 72 percent are worried about phishing. Another 61 percent of people are worried about fraudulent cell phone apps.

"As technology continues to evolve, so too are the tricks fraudsters use to try and steal your personal information," says Justin Hwang, associate vice president of fraud management at TD Canada Trust. "Banks and credit card companies have sophisticated security measures in place and work closely with law enforcement to protect their customers, but it is important to remember that you are the first line of defense."

One familiar internet security scam in Canada is when someone calls and offers antiviral software, which accounts for between 70 and 80 percent of fraud in the country, according to Beacon News. People and companies should keep programs updated and be sure to use common sense when dealing with computers.