04 Oct 2011

Canadian cyber expert said biggest threat to users is themselves

With the Canadian government launching Get Cyber Safe earlier this month, CBC News' website conducted an interview with Toronto-based cyber security expert Dave Lewis, who runes Liquid Matrix, a blog about safety matters. Lewis said the biggest internet security threat to users may be themselves.

"I know that may sound rather flippant, but users are their own worst enemies," Lewis said. "They’ll get an email that says 'I love you' and they’ll say, 'Oh, how nice,' and they’ll click on the link without asking, 'OK, why is this person sending me an email saying ‘I love you?'"

After that, Lewis said the kinds of attacks that go through social networking appear to be harmless but are actually malware. He said this is especially dangerous on Twitter, where you can make links appear to be something else. Lewis told the CBC that the easiest way to avoid cyber crime is to think about what is being clicked, saying that "a moment's pause helps."

Bilal Ahmad wrote on Tech Maish, a blogging, social media and technology website, that to avoid viruses, users should not click certain links, check for Google's lookout letting users know a website is safe, install antivirus software and avoid clicking certain unsecure websites.