22 Jun 2011

Businesses struggle to maintain computer security

A newly released Ponemon Institute/Juniper Systems survey reveals that business owners in the U.S. and Europe are under siege when it comes to computer security, and system breaches are costing big money.

A full 90 percent of security expert respondents reported their organization's computer systems were compromised in the last year. Almost two-thirds (59 percent) said there have been two or more breaches in that time period, and this number might be even higher, given that 10 percent of respondents did not know how many intrusions had occurred.

Expenses incurred to repair hacks and other computer security problems, coupled with disruption to business leading to revenue loss, mean that system breaches are extremely costly. The financial impact of cyber attacks was determined to be above $500,000 by 41 percent of respondents, with 15 percent saying attacks had cost their organization $1 million or more.

Despite the powerful incentive to protect the bottom-line by preventing attacks, 53 percent of security experts polled said they are almost certain there will be at least one successful attack on their organization in the next year.

An AVG threat report released yesterday underscores the increasing difficulty of defending against cyber crime. According to AVG, hackers are targeting more and more platforms and devices, while users remain naive or lackadaisical about protecting their data.