26 Sep 2011

Businesses need to protect from malware and viruses in custom applications

For businesses running custom applications, Jonathan Blum writes on Entrepreneur.com that companies need to use antivirus programs and increased internet security to help prevent viruses and malware in the business' custom applications.

"Not only are web criminals taking advantage of weaknesses in commercially available business computer hardware and software, they're exploiting the growing number of hidden flaws lurking inside the purpose-built, custom business applications that are usually found on public company websites," Blum writes. He said applications have harmless sounding names, but the attacks can be real and potentially devastating for businesses and their customers.

Blum said a key to solving this is to make sure internet security and antivirus programs are being taken care of by someone who knows how to protect a business. He said shared responsibility means the company protecting the business will own the problem just as much as the business will, which means more oversight.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology said that small businesses should become knowledgeable as to what kind of internet security is needed for their company. The website said the most obvious security threats need to be defended against at the very least.