26 Mar 2012

Businesses need to keep track of security

Steve Cassidy, a network expert, writes on PCPro that while many businesses have antivirus software, many are not utilizing them properly and backing the company up with other security methods.

"The first and most obviously incredulous reaction I encounter is always 'we have antivirus, so that isn’t possible,'" he said. "I shudder to imagine how many businesses are sitting there wide open as a result of accepting this fallacy (and as for home users, I refuse to imagine at all). If our antivirus program didn’t put up an alert, they say, then there can’t have been a virus attack."

He relates this to wondering how an animal got sick from a biological infection even though they have an immune system. Just because an antivirus program is in place doesn't mean a computer is safe, as sometimes a virus can be quicker than the antivirus update. For this reason, businesses need to make sure they are invested in other pieces of online security.

Intuit said other internet security flaws that can be found in small businesses include using outdated software, reusing passwords for different programs and not protecting mobile devices with security software.