29 Mar 2012

Businesses need to do a better job protecting customers

While many businesses do a great job with having internet security and antivirus software to help protect themselves and customers against dangerous viruses, botnets and malware, many don't do so well. The Online Trust Association released its annual  "Top Ten Ways Businesses Can Protect Consumers from Being Fooled" list and said updating the web browser is the first level of defense against security breaches.

The OTA said 40 percent of users have outdated and insecure browsers. Another 10 percent of people or companies are infected by botnets, so the company said users should update browsers and computers frequently and be sure to constantly scan for any malware or viruses.

"While businesses are making efforts, all too often they are overlooking the fundamentals which could curb upwards of 90 percent of online threats to their data," said Craig Spiezle, executive director and president, Online Trust Alliance. "We have a shared responsibility to harden our systems and those of our customers. Secure and confident customers are good for business and for the long-term vitality of the digital economy."

SmallBizBee gave tips for small businesses wanting to stay secure online, listing having a good antivirus program at the top. The blog said this is an absolute must for any company and said the program should contain an anti-malware component.