28 Nov 2011

British police to examine possible climate email hacking

British police are looking into a possible hacking of climate scientists' emails, which appeared as a batch online. The University of East Anglia, where Climate Action Research Unit is considered a leading voice on climate science, said the leaked emails seemed to be carefully timed to create controversy. The university may need to get improved internet security to prevent future hacking.

In regard to timing, negotiators from about 200 countries are set to meet starting November 28 in South Africa for a U.N. climate summit. Reuters said only modest steps are expected to be taken to cut greenhouse gas emission levels, even though there have been persistent warnings from the science community that extreme weather will likely increase as the planet continues to warm.

A group posted email exchanges between climate scientists on a Russian server. The batch included more than 5,000 emails and draws similarities to a similar hacking that happened two years ago when emails by climate experts at the university were stolen by hackers and spread across the internet, Reuters said.

Universities or companies concerned about their email being hacked should guard information with a better internet security system.