08 Sep 2010

British companies clog inboxes with spam

A study conducted by Spam Rating has found British companies are jamming up consumers' inboxes with unsolicited spam emails.

To conduct its research, Spam Rating signed up for for email alerts from 10,000 businesses and tracked what was sent over a 12-month period. It was found 75 percent of the 150,000 messages received were unsolicited. Thirty percent of the unwanted messages came from third-parties.

Spam Rating co-founder Andy Yates said the third-party messages "led to a deluge of malicious emails promoting scams or using phishing techniques to gather user data." The best method to ward off viruses and malware is to update internet security software, according to experts.

There is nothing illegal about the messages Spam Rating received, but they could still create backlash. Companies that fail to fully report email policies can damage customers' trust, Yates said.

Many British office workers already deal with enough unnecessary email that spam only adds to their annoyance. A recent study conducted by OnePoll for Salesforce.com found 70 percent of employees in Britain say they are bombarded by office messages that are of no interest to them.