04 Nov 2010

Bredolab creator also behind Spamit.com, say authorities

Last week, authorities in Armenia arrested Georg Avanesov for mastermiding the Bredolab botnet, which infected as many as 30 million computers worldwide. Now Avenesov is also being pegged as a major affiliate of the world’s former top spam producer, Spamit.com.

When Spamit.com was shut down recently, the world’s spam email output temporarily dropped by 20 percent. Avenesov, who according to Krebs was making $139,000 per week by renting his botnet as Crimeware-as-a-Service, also did business on Spamit.com.

According to Krebs, Avenesov used Spamit.com to peddle his botnet to spammers looking to make money by promoting pharmacy sites. “With online pharmacy sales generating him less than $2,000 each month over the last several years, [Avanesov] wasn’t pulling in anywhere near as much as the top earners in the program,” wrote Krebs. “It is likely that Atata used Spamit as a place to sign up new customers.”

While Spamit.com’s demise was a major victory over the spread of malware, experts warn that cyber criminals will always remain creative. According to Infosecurity, despite a significant drop in spam output this year, phishing attacks are on the rise.