21 Apr 2011

Botnet hacker receives 2 years in prison

Bruce Raisley was recently sentenced to two years in prison for launching a malicious computer virus, U.S. attorney Paul Fishman announced.

Raisley, a former software developer, was found guilty of the charges seven months ago after he created a botnet virus retaliating against humiliating photographs and articles published about him. The botnet attacked websites worldwide that had posted the articles by remotely shutting them down, including the Rick Ross Institute in New Jersey.

The sentencing occurred in New Jersey by judge Robert Kugler. Other details of the sentencing state that Raisley must pay more than $90,000 in restitution and complete three years of supervised release.

“I was wrong for putting that thing out there," Raisley said during the sentencing. "I'm sorry. I didn't see any other choice."

Last month, the notorious Jesse William McGraw, was sentenced to nine years and two months in prison for installing malicious malware on computers at a Texas hospital. McGraw is the former leader of the anarchist group the Electronik Tribulation Army.