05 Nov 2010

Boonana malware gets an update

A new variant of the Boonana malware, which can infect Mac OS X systems, has emerged, an antivirus company reports. The original Boonana malware emerged last week. At the time, internet security experts disagreed about the threat level it posed. SecureMac, a site devoted to Mac internet security, called it a severe threat, while another company said it posed very little risk.

The new variant of Boonana, called trojan.osx.boonana.b, targets users in a similar manner as the original. The original Boonana spread through fake video links on social networking sites.

The new variant currently spreads through three sites. According to PC World, the sites send spam emails, which contain a supposed suicide note. The emails also contain links that prompt the user to download software to view a video. If users click these links, they download the malware to their computers. The malware can also affect Windows and Linux machines.

Recently, several third-party companies have been jumping on the opportunity to provide virus protection for Macs. According to PC World, between 2009 and 2010 the number of malware threats on Macs quintupled.