06 Dec 2013

Blackhole Exploit Kit Creators Arrested in Russia

The developers of the infamous Blackhole exploit kit have been arrested in connection with an estimated $2.15 million theft, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs announced.

The developers are accused of creating and participating in a criminal organization with the purpose of committing one or more serious crimes.

They are alleged to have embezzled funds from personal or institutional accounts using a banking Trojan and malicious software, according to the investigation, which started in 2011. They are also accused of stealing computer information such as user credentials and digital certificates.

Under their scheme, the Blackhole exploit kit would first find software vulnerabilities, then dispatch the banking Trojan to collect information used to send fraudulent payment letters on behalf of bank account holders.

Their crimes affected banks from all over Russia in major cities such as Moscow, Krasnodar, Tyumen and the Kursk region.