28 Jul 2014

Black Hat 2014: Money-Mining Botnet on Free Trial/Freemium Cloud Apps

Security researchers, Rob Ragan and Oscar Salazar plan to reveal how they can create a money-mining botnet using free trial and freemium cloud applications, according to Wired.

The researchers will prove how by using an automated process they can massively sign-up and create the cloud botnet.

“We essentially built a supercomputer for free,” said Ragan, security researcher at Bishop Fox. “We’re definitely going to see more malicious activity coming out of these services.”

Companies such as Google and Amazon, as well as many others, have capabilities to host data in their cloud and often resell their resources.

As many companies are start-ups looking to grow their user-base “they’re not really thinking about defending against these kinds of attacks,” said Salazar.

“Will we see a rise in this type of botnet? The answer is undoubtedly yes,” Ragan concluded.