03 Feb 2012

Belarus hackers rob thousands across the world

It was recently reported by the Belarus Department of Information and Public Relations that hackers from Belarus were able to steal more than $1.8 million from 20,000 people across the world from January to April 2010.

Five hackers are suspected of the internet security breaches, and three of them are in isolation in a Minsk prison. The organizer of the group is in jail in Kiev, Ukraine, and each faces up to 15 years of imprisonment on charges of confiscation of property.

About 80 percent of the victims were from the United States, and the Investigations Committee said arrests were possible only due to Belarus law officials working with the FBI and Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ukraine.

Belteleradiocompany said the European police's wanted list currently includes 40 people, five of whom are from Belarus.

Other than the United Sates, other victims came from Russia, Canada, Germany, Belgium and Spain, among other places. People who frequently use the internet should make sure they have internet security and antivirus software running to fight things such as this.