28 Mar 2012

Basic maintenance should be used for computers

While many people have a lot of high-tech gadgets, they may not take the time to do basic maintenance needed to keep their computers going. Amy Leap of the Pocono Record talks to Tom Kyttle of TK Computers, who gives some basic tips for keeping a computer running well, including loading up antivirus protection and making sure the computer has a good firewall in place.

Kyttle also gives some tips that users may not think of, including cleaning the computer's system every day, trying to keep the computer off of the ground to avoid dusk and vacuuming the back of the computer to keep the vents free of dust. He also suggests unplugging the computer and dusting the inside to keep it running as well as possible.

Vision Design Group also offered some basic tips to keep a computer clean, including installing operating system updates as often as possible.

"At a minimum, you must install the High Priority updates," the website said. "I can’t stress this enough—ignoring these updates is not wise. High Priority updates include security patches and major bug fixes that are critical to keeping your PC secure and running well."

With these steps and internet security precautions, a well-made computer should last for a long time.