29 Feb 2012

Avoiding targeted computer attacks

PCMag's lead analyst for security, Neil Rubenking, said targeted attacks aren't just for big companies. If individuals don't properly protect themselves with internet security and antivirus software, along with using common sense on social media networks, they can become victims as well.

"The typical worm or virus spreads opportunistically wherever and whenever it can. Duqu is very, very different," he said. "Its creators crafted a separate Word document for each target company, making it look as legitimate as possible. The email that delivered the poison document also used facts and information from within the company to make it look totally real and ordinary. Such targeted attacks are becoming more and more common. Unless you're careful, you could become the next victim."

Rubenking said the first step to not be a victim is to be sure the computer is protected with antivirus software and a firewall from a well regarded company. People should take the proper precautions and stay vigilant to be sure they don't get taken for money or information by an online scam artist.

A security professional told Net-Security that no two organizations or people are alike, so targeted attacks against internet security can all look very different. People should stay on top of security to make sure their information online is safe.