26 Jul 2012

Australian Network Provider AAPT Data Breach Claimed By Anonymous

Australian network provider AAPT confirmed today that servers were attacked and that 12 month-old data was accessed. The announcement came a day after Anonymous Australia announced they’re in the process of revealing 40 GB of data belonging to a major Australian Internet Service Provider.

Melbourne IT contacted AAPT and notified them of the breach, prompting the ISP to shut down the affected servers to prevent further tampering. Claiming that only “historic” business customer data was stored on the targeted servers, AAPT is investigating how the breach took place.

"Preliminary findings suggest it was two files that were compromised, and the data is historic, with limited personal customer information. Further, the servers on which the files were stored have not been used or connected to AAPT for at least 12 months," AAPT CEO David Yuile said in a statement. "AAPT is extremely concerned about this incident, and is treating this matter with the utmost seriousness. AAPT will be contacting any impacted customers as soon as possible."

The hacktivist group announced they’re stripping down personally identifiable information from the acquired data so users won’t be at risk. Revealing the leak on Sunday, Anonymous believes that instead of 40 GB, the stripped down file will be around 30 to 35 GB in size.

The reason behind the attack on AAPT was to demonstrate the poor data protection that a major internet service provider has set in place.