20 Jan 2012

Attack on US-China Economic and Security Review Commission could be from China

A cyber attack on the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission was originally thought to be from India, but security experts are now tying the attack to China. Internet security on sensitive issues like this needs to be at its highest.

United States officials, who spoke to Reuters on the condition on anonymity, said the emails were obtained in a way that strongly suggests the attack originated in China by amateurs and not by India's spy service. The original target was not the commission, but instead the National Foreign Trade Council.

"A large proportion of the raw email traffic downloaded by the hackers consists of messages to and from Reinsch at his NFTC email address," Reuters reports. "Many of the emails were spam, but some related to the work of the commission, which was set up by Congress to take a critical look at a wide range of U.S. dealings with China."

Sources said whoever was doing the hacking was looking for a soft target with poor internet security. Those working in government and big business should make sure they have the best possible security set up to avoid breaches such as this.