25 Jul 2011

Are hackers targeting Macbook batteries?

Apple users were always confident that their machines were safe from malware and other such issues, but recently Macs have come under attack from hackers with the most recent target being laptop batteries.

Internet security researcher Charlie Miller recently told Forbes that there is a weak point in the batteries of some Macbooks, Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs. In these batteries, a tiny chip can control the power and monitor the heat being produced. But, if a hacker were to figure out the password for these batteries, he or she could do anything from causing the battery to charge constantly, or even install malware that would be virtually undetectable.

"You could put a whole hard drive in, reinstall the software, flash the BIOS, and every time it would reattack and screw you over," Miller told Forbes' Andy Greenberg. "There would be no way to eradicate or detect it other than removing the battery.”

This marks the latest threat to Apple users including a recent security warning released by the German government that warned users of Apple's mobile operating system that malware could be distributed through PDF files.