15 Mar 2012

Apple not immune from viruses

While many think of Apple computers as being immune from viruses, Sara Yin writes on PCMag that people may want to get antivirus software for their Mac before it is too late to recover. She talks about what happened to a friend of her's who recently switched back to PCs from Mac after two years with an Apple.

"Tragically, it slipped his mind to install an antivirus on his laptop, and by day two his new computer was full of viruses: ads popped up without opening a browser, programs crashed constantly, performance slowed, and his blog sent phishing emails to visitors without his knowledge," she said. "OS X had made my colleague soft."

Yin put together a time line of when viruses starting appearing for the Mac operating system including 2006 when an infected iChat program brought the first worm to life. In 2012, Yin said the Flashback virus, which was discovered back in 2011, is harvesting user names, passwords and other data from people on Mac laptops.

Back in 2010, the Guardian said smaller Mac viruses were starting to pop up and said just because there are no widespread Mac viruses yet doesn't mean there won't ever be. Users should try and get an antivirus program for Mac while they can still be proactive and keep their computer safe.