22 Apr 2014

AOL User Accounts Breached to Send Spam Emails

Several AOL users claim their AOL accounts have been compromised and are being used to send spam email to their contact lists, according to the LA Times.

Affected users have posted messages under the hashtag #AOLHacked on Twitter. “Ugh, I've been #AOLHacked on my account, which has been inactive for years!”

Users also complain that resetting their password does not help solve the problem. “My #AOL email has been hacked. 2 password changes, still sending spam. Friends have been hacked too. #AOLHacked”.

The phishing email contained a short message and a suspicious link.

AOL said it is working to solve the problem and advised customers to visit their help webpage for guidance.

“AOL takes the safety and security of consumers very seriously, and we are actively addressing consumer complaints," the mass-media company said in a statement. "We are working to resolve the issue of account spoofing to keep users and their respective accounts running smoothly and securely."