19 Apr 2011

Antivirus Software Solutions Presented at Technology Exhibit

Mobile phone and PC users can rest assured that hackers will not attack their cellular devices or laptops. Thats the message that antivirus software companies presented at this years CeBIT event. The annual event is the digital technology industrys biggest, hosting over 4,200 companies representing 70 countries. Even though it takes place halfway around the world in Hannover, Germany, antivirus vendors reassured Internet users worldwide that their Internet security programs allow users to browse in peace.

CeBIT offered exhibitions, keynotes, and conferences for digital innovations for businesses and consumers. Included in this exciting event were some of the best security software companies. Year after year, they come up with new ways to fight against hackers and viruses that are spread online. These advances in technology are featured at the CeBIT event to calm consumer fears that their identity will be stolen or their laptops will be infected at any given moment.

Antivirus software companies will continue to come up with ways to combat these threats against individuals and businesses. CeBIT, an international platform for these vendors, is a great place for them to introduce their innovations to the world and for consumers to get their hands on the most advanced virus protection products available.