16 Jan 2012

Antivirus software is essential for PC safety

Antivirus software is an essential tool for PC users who want to stay virus-free and help their computer last for a long time. Adams Johnson writes on Business 2 Community that it's important to look for the right qualities in a program before making a purchase.

"Look for frequency of updates your antivirus program performs in order to provide guaranteed protection against threats," he said on the website. "In lieu of safeguarding your system on regular basis it’s important to get frequent updates. Good antivirus program should be effective and be able to protect your system effectively. Even though there’s no 100 percent guarantee, regular updates are important."

Other important qualities, according to Johnson, include finding the best fit with the operating system, choosing a program that is easy to operate and looking for a program with a good scanning feature, as emails and websites may be harmful without users knowing it until they scan.

PC Advisor said its important to look for an antivirus program with good technical support, firewalls, parental controls and identity protection. Any of these features could come in useful for an internet user.