03 Oct 2011

Antivirus software a good way to strengthen computer defense

According to a Tech question and answer column by the New York Times, a good antivirus program is a good way to help strengthen a computer's defense against problems that await computers on the internet.

"Antivirus software can protect your machine from certain tools that hackers have been known to use, like Trojan horse programs (designed to steal passwords) that you may get in an email attachment," the column said. "A hacker trying to break directly into your computer over the Internet, however, can thwart an anti-virus program."

The article said that a dedicated anti-spyware program is a good way to help block unauthorized access to a computer from internet intruders. A strongly reinforced computer should also feature a good firewall, the New York Times said.

ZDNet said to help keep spyware off, updating antivirus programs, downloading an alternative browser, updating Windows and educating on how not to become infected in the first place should help keep viruses and spyware at bay. People can also have multiple antivirus or anti-spyware applications if they want to be extra careful, but one good program should work well.