19 Mar 2012

Antivirus customers being targeted by scammers

People who have antivirus software on their computers are doing the right thing by trying to protect themselves on the internet, but TechWorld reports that some customers are being targeted by tech support scammers who have "diversified their techniques."

"Cold-calling scams that target English-speaking computer users have been a common occurrence during the past two years," the news source said. "The scammers usually pose as tech support engineers who work for Microsoft or ISPs in an attempt to trick victims into buying questionable security or PC optimization software."

These attacks are becoming more targeted with callers starting to impersonate employees from the user's antivirus company, according to TechWorld. These scammers are likely trying to gain control of the computer and view information, so people should be wary of any call where someone supposedly from a company like this tries to gain control of software with remote desktop software.

MSNBC said users should become familiar with how a legitimate antivirus program behaves on a computer and make sure that no scare tactics trick them into allowing someone else to have access to a computer.