29 Jun 2011

AntiSec posts first public announcement, shares hacked files

Three days after hacker group LulzSec announced it was disbanding, a message posted to The Pirate Bay website on June 29 announced the collective "now flies under the AntiSec colors."

AntiSec, short for anti-security, is a hacking campaign against government and corporate websites that LulzSec announced it was embarking on shortly before the group announced its dissolution. Its partner in the campaign is another high-profile hacking group, Anonymous. Some AntiSec spoils were attached to the Pirate Bay message, including confidential information apparently gleaned from the websites of Universal Music and Viacom.

As LulzSec's hacks now continue under the auspices of AntiSec, law enforcement continues to pursue the group.

A nineteen-year-old British man was arrested recently under suspicion of collaborating with LulzSec, though the group denied he is an integral part of the organization. And on June 28, Gawker reported FBI agents raided the home of a 29-year-old Iowa woman, Laurelai Bailey, and questioned her for about five hours regarding her online chats with members of LulzSec and Anonymous.

Bailey told Gawker the FBI was especially interested in any information she had regarding a hacker known as "Kayla," thought to be a founding member of LulzSec. But Bailey said she had only interacted with Kayla and other LulzSec and Anonymous members in public forms such as chatrooms or through public Tweets.