19 Aug 2011

AntiSec goes after defense contractor

AntiSec, a hacker group committed to attacking high-profile corporate and government websites, says it infiltrated the email account of an executive at Vanguard Industries, a U.S. government defense contractor.

In a Pastebin post, AntiSec claimed to be releasing 1 gigabyte of sensitive information collected from the email account of Vanguard senior vice president Richard Garcia, including contracts, personal information about Vanguard employees, and documents labeled as "law enforcement sensitive" or "for official use only."

The hackers appeared to take issue with Vanguard's ShadowHawk drone product, which AntiSec said is weaponized and used in operations throughout North and Central America and Africa.

AntiSec also noted Garcia is an executive board member of InfraGard, an Atlanta-based company that facilitates public-private computer security company partnerships. InfraGard was hacked earlier this summer by LulzSec, which later launched AntiSec in conjunction with another hacker group, Anonymous.

Concluding its Pastebin message, AntiSec pledged to target hackers who "sold out" by going to work for government or law enforcement organizations. Earlier this month, the National Security Agency actively recruited hackers at the Black Hat computer security conference in Las Vegas.