21 May 2012

AntiS3curityOPS Claim Credit for Hacking into Chicago Police Website

Hacktivists supposedly affiliated with the notorious group Anonymous claim to have taken down the Chicago police website in response to alleged police brutality in a confrontation that took place Saturday in Chicago during protests against the NATO summit.

The hacker group, going by the name of AntiS3curityOPS, uploaded a video on YouTube addressed to the Chicago Police Department in which they made public their intentions of taking down the police site:

“We are actively engaged in actions against the Chicago Police Department, and encourage anyone to take up the cause and use the AntiS3curityOPS Anonymous banner. For those able, chicagopolice.org should be fired upon as much as possible. We are in your harbor Chicago, and you will not forget us,” according to Mashable.

On Saturday, protesters demonstrated against the NATO summit in Chicago, where US President Barack Obama met with world leaders to discuss matters concerning the war in Afghanistan. At least four officers and 12 protesters were reported to have sustained minor injuries; and 45 people were arrested.

Police have already started looking into a possible hack into the City of Chicago website. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Pete Scales, spokesman for the mayor’s office, said city officials “are aware of the potential issue with the city’s website and are working with the appropriate federal authorities to address the situation”.