19 Apr 2011

Anti-malware Software Protects Against Search Engine Attacks

Malicious software, also known as malware, is designed by professional cybercriminals to break into a computer system with the intent to cause harm. These viruses destroy data, cause computer crashes, and allow spam to be sent through your email account, all without your knowledge or consent. According to a study by Barracuda Networks, there was a sharp increase in search engine malware in 2010. What does this mean for you? Now, more than ever, you need anti-malware software.

Internet users turn to one or more of the most popular search engines on a regular basis to look for specialized information they need or want. Think about it when you hear something in the news, where is the first place you go to read more about it? Most people pull up their favorite search engine and type in a phrase that will bring them reliable results. Well, cybercriminals realize this, and in 2010 they attacked popular search engine topics.

The only way for people to protect themselves from these attacks is with an anti-malware software program. Some people may be tempted to skip the expense and hope for the best, but this can be a very costly mistake. Once a computer is infected with malware, the owner will realize the importance of an Internet security program; however, it will already be too late. Do not wait for search engines to weed out malicious software on their sites. Instead, be proactive by protecting your PC against these intruders for a safe and secure way to surf the Web.