25 Aug 2011

Anonymous subjects BART spokesman to indecent online exposure

As part of an ongoing protest against San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit, Anonymous recently posted explicit photos of BART spokesman Linton Johnson on its BARTlulz blog.

The dissemination of the hacked photos followed recent Anonymous attacks on two BART websites. After breaching the internet security guarding the MyBART site, Anonymous collected and leaked the personal information of about 2,000 BART customers. It then attacked the BART police website, gathering and leaking data about 120 officers.

Anonymous has characterized these hacks as protests against BART's aggressive police force and the decision of BART officials to suspend cell phone service at certain stations to deter a planned protest. Anonymous singled out Johnson for criticism after he said cutting off the underground cell phone network was his idea.

While the furor over the Johnson photos grew, British police arrested 22-year-old Peter Gibson, allegedly an Anonymous member, for his suspected role in executing cyber attacks.

Anonymous has not only been carrying out hacks, but has begun organizing live BART protests in San Francisco. A recent YouTube video purportedly posted by Anonymous threatened similar protests outside the New York Stock Exchange.